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With over 30 years of experience in the area of canine development and behavioural assessment, along the way becoming acquainted with many aspects of problem dogs, and how to regulate and lessen problem behaviour. With this experience I can offer a range of services relevant and valuable to both the new, or experienced, dog owner. 


I offer a number of different dog training strategies. A condensed list of these services is provided below, although I would be pleased to elaborate upon them and provide replies to your enquiries relating to any or all of my services.

Socialisation and obedience classes for both pups and adult dogs.
Personal Tuition to improve behavioural problems and teach you how to train your dog or pup and to correct bad behaviour.
Gundog training, for pups and adults to the Owner's requirements on either a class or individual basis.
Puppy Rearing support can be given through regular home visits.

In training our dogs, we need to work with evolution whilst recognising the qualities and characteristics that man has bred into dogs to create specific attributes leading to the development of the huge diversity of breeds and types we recognise today. We must also remember that your dog can communicate better with its own kind than we can with it. My intention is to help people understand how to communicate with their dogs and so enable them to train their dogs effectively.

Here is an old saying I was told and it is true.

" A dog can like you but not respect you, but if  it respects you it will also like you"

To develop a good relationship with your dog you should practice  4 C's

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Class Venue Date/Time Fee
Puppy class ( 6 weeks duration) Castle hill Nursery( Near Garrion Bridge) ML9 2 AU   17/9/19                 at 6.30Pm   £50.00
Adults                   "    Tuesdays ongoing from 17/9/19      7.45 PM £8.00 per night
Possible pup/juniors class            "    Wednesdays ongoing 6.30 pm from 18/9/19       "
Adults            "      "                  "         7.45 PM        "
Mixed Age socialising & Obedience  Sandyholm Garden Centre Every Wednesday 1.30PM  £6.00 for 1 hr
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Dogs and people are individuals; all have different qualities. Therefore we need to take an individual approach to training, sometimes within a "course" framework.

Telephone: 01555 861297
Mobile: 07842 814834

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